At Monte Rosso Films we cover creative direction and strategy, live action filming, animation, motion design, visual effects and post-production.

Live action filming

We have available a live action studio that develops and produces long form and short form content for audiences in all countries to create visual stories to connect and engage the audiences.


We have access to powerfully-equipped computer 2D & 3D animation facilities. From motion graphics to character animation, from abstract explanatory to story-based, we deliver the perfect match. Our team of industry professionals will provide you with the seamless combination of traditional and digital techniques for projects across multiple platforms and media.

Motion Design

Our expertise includes logo animations, abstract atmospherics and generative visuals. Our tools range from industry standards like After Effects to custom data-driven tools like Processing.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Greenscreen, fire, water, day to night – these days visual effects have replaced special effects in many cases and we offer the full range for your project, on-set and in post-production.


Access to experienced post-production facilities that provide editing, colour correction, composing, sound and other services. Our post-production team will design the final touches for a seamless completion of your film or video production. We can arrange a full package of post-production services to meet your needs.


We are in a constant search for co-production partners and ideas and scripts which are suitable for international co-production. We are ready to help you to bring your project from script to screen!