Keys to Happiness



Drama, Romance

Roman Prosvirin

44 min


Provincial Tanya suffered a lot of trials. Living in the countryside with her alcoholic mother and a quiet put-upon father, the girl always tried to escape from this limited world. In her dreams, she is a happy wife of a good wealthy and loving guy from a big city. The beauty rejects all local suitors and waits for her prince. At last he appears, to the envy of all local gossips, a handsome and rich businessman Victor. He immediately takes happy Tanya to the city, without letting her even finish school. But the pleasure of the provincial girl was short – she got into a golden cage. Victor only needed an heir from a ‘healthy village girl.’ As soon as Tanya gave birth to her son, the husband announced to her that he had another woman and filed for divorce, having taken the child from her. The girl tries to get back her baby-boy, but beaten up by the ‘brothers’, she is forced to flee to Moscow.
On the way Tanya meets a truck driver Fyodor. He feels sorry for the girl and gives her the key charm that once helped him. Perhaps, it is this keychain that helps a girl to withstand and achieve a lot. Having become a famous singer, she goes back, determined to return her son at any cost. But the former husband, drunk and ruined, reports that the boy has long escaped, and he does not care about it.
Can Tanya find her son and happiness if there is no hope for anything but a mysterious talisman?

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Drama, Romance


Drama, RomanceMini Series
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